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06 August 2016 @ 11:41 am
Hi all,

I've been using a large classic MeLuna with a fairly high level of satisfaction for a couple years now but there are a couple of things I wouldn't mind improving on with a second cup. Here's what I'm looking for:

1) At least as much fluid capacity - wouldn't mind a little more as I'm not quite able to go a full day on my heavier days, and I hate having to change it at work. (I still haven't been able to figure out how to consistently empty it without making a mess...) Also, I don't want it to be any shorter - I have the stem on mine and it still sits pretty high. So a little more capacity and length would be great.

2) My MeLuna sometimes leaks overnight before it's full, so there's a seal issue (I have no problems playing sports or at other times during the day).

I was thinking about bumping up to an XL sport MeLuna (hopefully the extra firmness will help with the leaking and the bump in size will keep it from filling so quickly), but am wondering if anyone has suggestions for something else that might also work. I don't have the disposable income to just buy a ton of cups so want to make the best decision possible. I'm open to trying a different brand. I've looked at the size charts and am more interested in hearing other people's personal experience, especially if you've used a MeLuna and other brands.

elisamba on August 7th, 2016 07:40 am (UTC)
The large Meluna is 24 ml to the holes. For similar dimensions, 1 mm wider or longer, there are several cups with capacity closer to 30 ml.

ETA Compare sizes and capacities here http://sizecharts.livejournal.com/

There's the large Bella and Miacup (27 ml to the holes) and the large Fleurcup, Yuuki, Mamicup, Gaia, Organicup, and Si-Bell have 29 or 30. (It looks like the chart has not been updated with the small Super Jennie with a capacity of other brands' large).

That's not to mention cups with significantly different dimensions like the large Super Jennie or LuvUrBody, up to 40 ml capacity.

The neat thing in this size chart is you have the manufacturer's stated capacities, as well as what users have actually reported.

You can look up lots of YT cup comparison videos to get an idea of cup firmness.

My favourite large-capacity cup is the large Fleur, which I used to alternate with the small Gaia but I am finding after three years of use the Gaia is not unfolding as easily as it used to. So I'm going to check out the large Bella shortly.

My guess is the overnight leaking is just from the cup getting full at night, since you are fine during the day.

Edited at 2016-08-07 10:46 am (UTC)
newconvert on August 7th, 2016 08:51 am (UTC)
It's possible the overnight leaking is due to your cervix sitting in the cup, so see if at night you're consistently filling it to the same level before it leaks (which would suggest it's your cervix sitting in the cup), or if it's happening more randomly (just plain leaks).

Opinion is divided here on whether firmer cups mean fewer leaks or the opposite. I tried the MeLuna XL sport and found it very uncomfortable due to the firmness, but switching to a softer cup brought more comfort and still zero leaks. Everyone is different.