lovefromme97 (lovefromme97) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Need recommendations for a cup for a First time user :)

Hi everyone! I hope I'm doing this right and it ends up in the right community haha

I'm really interested in buying a menstrual cup as I can't wear pads (they irritate me) and usually wear tampons however if my period lasts longer than roughly 2 days it also can start to irritate! So the idea of a menstrual cup is really appealing to me, also the price of Tampons (around £4 ew!) is ridiculous so this also sounds a lot more cost effective in the long run!

I just need some idea in what people believe is the best cup to start with? I'm nineteen and a Virgin. My period only usually last about 2/3 days with the first day being the heaviest but not enough to wear a super tampon or change more than 6-8 hours however can leak sometimes (hope this helps?)

I'm not sure what other information you'll need but please don't hesitate to ask! Any information and helpful tips for a first time user will also be very useful :)

I've also just seen a post about a lady believing that her cup has gotten stuck and she can't get it out! Does this happen often and how would you get it out if you aren't able to reach the cup to get it out! (This worries me!)

Thank you for any help you can give to me,
Love From Me
Tags: cleaning, cup lifespan, divacup, insertion - folding methods, removal, tampons

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