Alyrabbit (Alysa Keesee) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Alysa Keesee

Blossom cup -small. Maybe too small?

So I bought the Blossom cup because it had good reviews on Amazon and I could afford it at the time. I am 37 and have not carried a child to term or given birth.
First cycle with the cup was fine, easy no problems. It could stay in for 10 hours before filling up. Second cycle I have had to empty it every 2-3 hours and I even had one time where it had shifted so much I could barely find it. It is leaking some, but not more than a pantyliner can handle unless it gets full before I can empty it. I have tried to position it correctly using several different methods.
I am SEVERLY anemic and so my cycle blood is very watery, but I do have clotting as well. I have a dangly cervix which may be part of the problem. I really want this to work.
Should I get a different brand? What do you all recommend?
Tags: sizes/size issues

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