Purpose (catchingbelieve) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Menstrual cup

So.. Ive been using menstrual cups for about a year now but i dont really get them yet.
When i first started (Small Lunette)everything was fine and suddenly three months later, what in the beginning would last me 6 hours, lasted me 2. I purchased then a bigger menstrual cup (Ruby Cup 2) but it still doesnt work. Some months it'll last me 6-7 hours on my heaviest day and other months it'll only last me 2-3 which i dont understand.
If i use a tampon it takes the same amount of time to get full no matter the month.
Does someone have a solution? I have the feeling I have a high cervix but also need a high capacity menstrual cup that can definitely last me longer than 2 hours, since thats what a tampon lasts me.
Any ideas please?

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