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Post-partum cup experience with a couple of questions

Let me first start by saying I tried a menstrual cup a couple of years ago. I got the small Diva cup, but it always leaked so I gave up completely before one cycle was through.

I had my first baby 10 months ago and got my first real period in almost 2 years (thank you breastfeeding!) on Saturday. I put a tampon in and the dry feeling really bugged me out even though it was a light tampon. I remembered seeing the Diva cup at the drug store sitting next to the tampons that I bought and decided to give it another shot. I bought it on Sunday.

Since I had a baby, I went with the size 2. I later realized that I should have done this the first time as I have a heavy flow for days 2 and 3 of my cycle. Anyway, I put my Diva cup in and waited excitedly. After just 30 minutes, I felt a lot of bubbling so I ran to the bathroom to empty it. It was barely half full but my panty liner was soaked through.

Disappointed, I googled why that could be and discovered that I have a low cervix. I turned the Diva inside out but I continued to leak after only about 30 mins. My flow was quite heavy considering it was the first period in a very long time.

Going into day 3, I used a pad overnight just in case and was grateful I did. There was quite a bit on the pad in the morning and the cup was again only half full. I had an important meeting that morning, so decided to use a super tampon since I knew I wouldn't be able to run to the bathroom immediately if I needed to. Again, the dry feeling really irked me.

Determined to make this work, I discovered this site during my research on half-full cups and leaking. I looked into all the different cups and decided to try a large fleur cup. I chose the fleur because it has a high capacity and good reviews for women with low cervixes. I'm pretty sure I actually have a low and dangly cervix. It doesn't hurt that it was only $18 on Amazon.

I chose next day shipping since it was only 3 dollars extra and received my cup on day 4 of my period. It came in an envelope with minimal packaging. I was kind of disappointed that there was no cloth pouch, but that's a minor sacrifice for a good cup.

My first impression was that it felt a lot softer and bendier than my Diva cup. I washed it out and inserted it using a c-fold. It was a bit painful to insert that first time, but I suspect the pain was from the rim on the Diva cup. I haven't had any pain since using the soft fleur cup. It was a little bit harder to open than the Diva, but I managed just fine by pressing against the back vaginal wall a bit. I was able to rotate it 360 degrees and pulled up and down to make sure there was a seal.

My flow had lightened up considerably by this point, so 4 hours later, I went to the bathroom to check it. I noticed very light spotting on my panty liner but the cup was only about a quarter full. I'm thinking maybe residual slobber? Overnight, same thing; minor spotting and a half full cup.

I inserted it again in the morning but I think I was a little lazy about it because I felt wet just an hour later. I took it out and it was less than a quarter full. I rinsed it and reinserted it but this time I also checked to make sure it was sealed around my cervix and not next to it. That was 5 hours ago and so far, no leakage. There was a tiny spot on my panty liner but nothing since.

Overall, I like the fleur cup much better than the diva. I haven't used it on my heavy days yet, but I'm looking forward to trying it next month if my period is regular. I'm still breastfeeding so it's possible this period could be a fluke and I won't get another for a while, but my daughter recently started eating more solids so I have a feeling it will be coming again soon. Is it weird that I'm actually looking forward to my next heavy day?

One of the biggest reasons (other than comfort) for switching to a cup is that it's more environmentally friendly. With that said, I still have been using 3 panty liners a day due to minor spotting. I'm assuming this is residual slobber and hoping that as I get more experienced with my cup it will lessen. If anyone has any tips to combat that, I would be open to trying most anything.

Since coming across this page, I may be coming down with a menstrual cup obsession, ha. I'm thinking my next cup may be a large Lady Cup? I read on here about a page where women trade gently used cups. It might be a good idea to get rid of my Diva since it doesn't work for me. Ironically, it seems that it's the most popular first cup but doesn't work for a lot of women. I don't know if I could get myself to put something in my vagina that another women had used to collect her menstrual blood. Can someone reassure me that it is indeed sanitary?

Also, does anyone have any future cup suggestions for my heavy flow and low/dangly cervix? I really like the softness and capacity of the fleur but I wish it opened a bit easier. Tips to combat the residual slobber would be excellent as well.

Sorry this review is a bit long and riddled with questions. I'm new to LJ so I hope I did this right!

Thanks for reading!
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