tingirlgoldfish (tingirlgoldfish) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Beyond frustrated - Maybe cups aren't for me?

I'm so aggravated I just want to cry. I bought a Ruby medium cup a few weeks ago and had to wait for my next cycle. Today was the first day of my cycle and I've tried all evening to use my cup without success. I'm 40 with one child. I've watched the videos and read a lot of guides. I'm able to fold it and insert is successfully, sort of horizontal, it pops open completely and the stem sits just inside my vaginal opening. I can rotate it freely all the way around. BUT I can feel it, all the time. I can't stand it and hate it. It's not painful, but I can definitely feel it. I've read a lot of comments that you have to get used to it and after awhile you forget about it, but I honestly don't see how. It's like having a golfball in my vagina, I really don't see how you can not feel it unless you get one that's very soft and squishy. I can't afford to purchase another one so I'm afraid I'm just stuck with this one right now.
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