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09 July 2016 @ 06:56 pm

I bought a Lunette size 1 cup couple cycles ago. I really liked it! But... It's too small for days 2-3 and night 1-2. I can have it like 9 hours at work, but when I get home and break the seal blood runs everywhere. So maybe 7-8 hours would be better. I don't want to empty it at work when it's just me and my mum until I move to study in an university, and she was against using a menstrual cup. At night the same problem also. I want it most for nights that I can sleep without worrying of leakage.

How different is the size 1 and 2? I know the size 2 is bigger, but is there someone that has them both and could tell me the difference in usage. I'm 22 and virgin. I have only used pads, but I wanted something else to use and I didn't want to use tampons.

I'm scared that the size to is to stiff and big. I haven't cut the stem on size one at all. I do have problems to get the size 1 to pop open. I use a seven fold and when I insert it and try to open it, it wants to make a C-fold. I fiddle with it until I get it open, but when I get it open it stays open.

I have a high cervix (whole middle finger) and I usually seek my cervix before inserting the cup. After that I try to open it and then I put a finger round the edge and feel if my cervix is in the cup. I think I have a dangly cervix also, so it takes some of the capasity of the cup. I know I can have the cup quite long but I would like to have time until I get home to empty it.

Sorry if my English is bad, not my first language. :)
Kai: 2Cupskuradi8 on July 9th, 2016 07:05 pm (UTC)
Compare the Lunettes and other brands at http://sizecharts.livejournal.com/ or any of the other size charts found online.

Also follow the link on that page to the Answers to Common Questions.

12 hours is the longest you should leave a cup unattended on a light or "anticipation" day. That does not mean it will hold 12 hours of flow. If it's overflowing then empty it. If it's full, it's FULL. Don't be afraid to empty it in public stalls. Learn how to do it. It's all part of using a cup.
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