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Lunette size 1 vs 2


I bought a Lunette size 1 cup couple cycles ago. I really liked it! But... It's too small for days 2-3 and night 1-2. I can have it like 9 hours at work, but when I get home and break the seal blood runs everywhere. So maybe 7-8 hours would be better. I don't want to empty it at work when it's just me and my mum until I move to study in an university, and she was against using a menstrual cup. At night the same problem also. I want it most for nights that I can sleep without worrying of leakage.

How different is the size 1 and 2? I know the size 2 is bigger, but is there someone that has them both and could tell me the difference in usage. I'm 22 and virgin. I have only used pads, but I wanted something else to use and I didn't want to use tampons.

I'm scared that the size to is to stiff and big. I haven't cut the stem on size one at all. I do have problems to get the size 1 to pop open. I use a seven fold and when I insert it and try to open it, it wants to make a C-fold. I fiddle with it until I get it open, but when I get it open it stays open.

I have a high cervix (whole middle finger) and I usually seek my cervix before inserting the cup. After that I try to open it and then I put a finger round the edge and feel if my cervix is in the cup. I think I have a dangly cervix also, so it takes some of the capasity of the cup. I know I can have the cup quite long but I would like to have time until I get home to empty it.

Sorry if my English is bad, not my first language. :)
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