Lynn O Doherty (Lynn O Doherty) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Lynn O Doherty
Lynn O Doherty

Why do I leak only on my first day?

Hey everyone,
I've recently started using a cup, Mooncup UK, bought at a Boots store.
I love it so much and been using it for my last 6 maybe 7 cycles and have not had any problems until my last 2 cycles. On my first day when my period started, no problems but then a short time later I was leaking a bit, did the usual checks throughout the day while trying to fix this, such as making sure it was fully open, creating a seal and not full. The leaks continued until the next day where they completely stopped for the rest of my period. Now this has happened again this period, just leaks on the first day only, the rest of the days are not a problem.
I'm finding this hard to understand as I was fine for all my other cycles.
My flow is light to medium so It's not an overfilling issue and it hasn't changed since and stays consistent like that throughout, I have located my cervix and it's quite high, took my entire index finger to find it, I'm aware its position can change but on my first day it was very high, the rest of the days I never checked because I had no leaks. I make sure the cup is open by feeling the perimeter of the rim and that it has created a seal. When I do remove it, there is blood collected so I do know some of it is filling into the cup, some is slightly on the rim, but I'm experiencing leakage on literally the first day only! I was wondering if it's the "residue slobber" people talk about on here but wouldn't that surely still leak away throughout my period?
It's quite annoying as all my other experiences were fine, even when starting out I didn't leak and was thrilled, but now this issue has me quite confused as I've grown comfortable with using a cup and was most afraid of accidents while I was beginning to use one.
If anyone can shed some light/similar experiences on this I'd be grateful! Thanks!

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