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My Last Attempt

I am posting this as a last cry for help from anyone who might have any insight on this issue. Now I have been using menstrual cups for about 3 years at this point, I am no stranger to them. Ive been using a DivaCup for the past three years and I absolutely love them... Except I have an issue. Before I get into the issue, I have some vital background information. I am a circus artist/student who's main discipline is hand balancing. This involves me doing about 4 hours a day of handstand training and more hours in various other acrobatic classes. The issue I am having is with leaking.

Its always fine when I'm not training, which is like less than half the day. But more so on day 2 and 3 of my period(not as bad on other days), I am leaking consistently through my training. Its not the amount to which I bleed, because half the time when I go to the bathroom to empty my cup its like not even half full. Yet I can feel a steady stream just trickling into my underwear! Its almost like every time I come down from a handstand and place myself right side up I feel it leaking. And I just don't understand because trust me, I make sure that damn thing is fully opened and suction cupped to my cervix every time I insert it!

Ive purchased a harder yuuki cup in the past to see if maybe my vaginal muscles squeeze the cup when I am doing my handstand training and that is causing the leakage, but I still leak the same way with the yuuki cup as well. I am very distraught over this issue, because I hate the idea of stuffing cotton up there for a couple hours and allowing bacteria to grow within my vagina. I won't use pads either. I doubt it, but does anyone have any insight on this issue? I know you're technically able to use menstrual cups during physical activity, but I don't think the kind of intense physical activity I do was put to the test. I really really want to keep using menstrual cups because I absolutely adore the idea of them, but I can not keep leaving my coaches periodically (haha) through training to change my cup. Especially because it definitely is not as quick as inserting a tampon.

If anyone has any insight, it would be much appreciated.

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