Cate Duranty (Cate Duranty) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Cate Duranty
Cate Duranty


Hi All!
I started last month using a diva cup for the first time. I had a pretty good time with it but ran into a few issues. The first couple of days I used it I got it in and open with no problem. The more I used it though the harder it seems to be to get it in place. This month is my second time using it. Yesterday I put it in and got it past my pubic bone but I can't seem to get it any higher no matter what I do. It's sitting really low, like half an inch of the cup plus the stem are hanging outside of my vagina. It's really uncomfortable. I don't think my cervix hangs low because I've never been able to reach it/feel it. So I'm not sure what I can do to boost it higher so it's more comfortable. Do I need a shorter cup? I know the diva cups tend to be on the long side. Help please!!!


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