mama_2_three (mama_2_three) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Need advice on next cup!

I am a relatively new cup user. I have been happy with my current cup but am pretty sure there is something better out there for me! I currently use a large Menstrocup.

I am 46 with children. My flow is normal/heavy, and my cervix is high with a tendency to sit to the side during my period. I am able to insert the cup and get it open with no problem (usually) but find that it leaks on my heavier days. I'm wondering if a firmer cup with a larger diameter would work better? I think upon research that the menstrocup is on the softer side. I also feel like that at times my cervix wants to sit to the outside of the cup. On the leaky days, the cup is not overfull.

Any suggestions? I have been researching the super jennie, meluna classic xl, and yuuki.

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