Kawaiilildreamer (kawaiililme) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Personal clean up

Hi all,
I've been using the divacup size 1 for a little less than a year. I'm 31, of average height, and obese.

Although I'm not having any problems insertion or removal, I am frustrated with the amount of time it takes me to do personal clean up. After I empty the diva cup I have to do an extensive amount of wiping to clean myself up before I re-insert. This can take a lot of time (which is in short supply) and toilet paper (which is just wasteful and annoying, as my house's plumbing is old). I have no notion if this is normal or not, as my other friends don't have as heavy a flow as I do (most of them use hormonal BC). I have a pretty heavy flow due to a copper IUD (need to empty the diva cup every 8-9 hours the first 2 days of my period) but I'm not sure that's the issue. Also I very rarely suffer leaks (unless I don't empty it frequently enough on heavy days) so I don't think size is the issue either. When I use tampons it is not at all a problem.

Is this a common issue? Would bumping up a size help in avoiding it? Any advice would be appreciated!
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