cnadi (cnadi) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Insertion help?

My period started today, and lucky me is also supposed to go to a wedding tomorrow, and I got ready to try out my Divacup for the first time. I used the punchdown fold because I felt it'd be easier for me. But I couldn't seem to get anything right... every time the cup was around halfway in, I couldn't seem to properly hold onto it anymore (like, the cup felt like it was slipping off my hand sorta) and I would end up having to start over to prevent it from slipping out of my hand altogether. In the end though, after 3 failed insertion attempts, I just gave up and decided to wear pads for now. Is there a certain way to hold it to prevent it from slipping out my hands when I'm trying to insert it? (Or is it just me...)
Tags: divacup, insertion, insertion - painful or problems

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