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Vaginal infection / Concerned about my cup

Hi everyone !

This website has been very useful, I have learned quite a lot but I am still confused about the information I'm reading on all the different threads. My menstrual cup sorta saved my self esteem last year when I finally stopped staining my clothes and my bedding but after 4 months of using it, I started getting consistent vaginal infection, only I couldn't tell what kind it was.

The first time it happened (last september) my vulva was itching a lot, my vagina was burning pretty badly and I had whitish small "thingies" with a solid consistency, if I rubbed them they would coat my fingers thickly. Some were bigger than others. I went to the ER because it hurt a lot and a gynecologist told me it was yeast infection and that I had to take medication and it would go away.

Every period now since september, I either get a greyish/whitish layer that coats my vaginal walls and feels uncomfortable or I get this "thingies" that can be spread into a thick coating layer. My vagina used to smell quite nice before and my discharge was usually transparent and elastic, which it hasn't been once in a year. I know it has to be my cup because I had never suffered through that before, I'm sexually inactive and my diet has stayed the same.

I believe using my cup has changed my vaginal flora. Here's the deal, I love my cup, I really do. My period used to make me feel so self-conscious because I was staining absolutely everything all the time, it was a mess. I would love to keep using it but honestly, if I can't get to make my cup work with my flora then I'll have to abandon it.

Here is my cleanup:
- period starts => wash it with water => insert right after
- flush period out at night before bed => wash with water => insert right after
- flush period out in the morning => wash with water => insert right after
- flush period out once during the day (usually when I feel pain because the cup is sucking too hard on my cervix) => wash with water => insert right after
- at the end of my period => wash with water => put in my divacup bag

Today I put my divacup in a mug of hot boiling water for 15-20 minutes and took it out afterwards. How should I clean my divacup to avoid this? Did anyone get this problem and got rid of it?

Thank you all !

EDIT: So I tried to clean my diva cup bag in a mug full of boiling hot water as well, and something interesting happened. The water had an oily layer on top. I tried to touch it with the tip of my fingers and my fingers had a thin white oily film covering them. I tried washing the bag with soap but the oily feel was still there. The only thing I can think of is if one of my cosmetic creams or oils contaminated my diva cup bag and then contaminated my cup. I'll put it in the washing in a couple of days and tell you how it goes.
Tags: cleaning, divacup, yeast infections

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