plupun (plupun) wrote in menstrual_cups,

1st time diva cup user, insert and popped successfully but it hurts so

I tried the diva cup for the first time today, I'm a virgin age 22 and never used a tampon either. I got the cup that is meant for age 30 and under with no kids, the smaller one. I did the push down fold, making the rim as small as possible and was able to get it in after x tries. The other fold won't work at all. It got in successfully, but when I popped it open, it was just painful. The position was right, everything was done right and the cup was exactly where it's supposed to be. The tip of the stem was no further than 1/2 inch into the vagina, followed the direction exactly every step. My cervix is not low and not too high, just average. So everything was done correctly and there was with no issue. But it just felt so big and it hurts me like I need it out NOW! Couldn't even stand it for another second. The pressure was too great. Even after I got it out, I still felt the pain for hours even though I've only had it in fully popped for 2 seconds. Is it because I've never had anything in there before? Not even something as small as a toothpick. It's been 5 hours and I still feel a little pain. Any cup with smaller size? Or am I out of hope from using cups and stuck with pads just like before? :/

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