Jacqueline (iachi) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First Time Use - DivaCup - Leaking Issues

Hello everyone,

I wanted to post here my experience as a first time user of the DivaCup.

I am using it on my period, and so far I've got no issues inserting it. It rides pretty high, to the point where I need to squat down to remove it.
I am not a hundred percent sure how to understand if it's fully open - especially because the other morning I had inserted it, and it seemed just fine, but...

And then... THE HORROR.
I was working, and I felt a weird wetness.
I went to check, and I basically starred as the protagonist of a horror, gory, bloody movie.
There was a huge leak, to the point where I got stained. I took out the cup, inserted it again, and everything seemed to be fine, but I had twenty minutes of panic / "OMG I am bloody" / What did I do wrong moment.

Any advice on preventing any further leaks? I try to make sure the cup is open once I insert it, but I always feel a small "depression" on the sides, and I don't know if this is normal or not.

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