darklyinclined (darklyinclined) wrote in menstrual_cups,

LuvUrBody Cup Problem

Hey! I'm new to this site so excuse me if I make any mistakes in posting and feel free to correct me on anything wrong.

I have recently started to use menstrual cups, with my first purchase being the Mooncup (UK version), but that cup was way too small (capacity and length wise) and I also found the stem and grip rings quite jaggy? (Did anyone else have that problem?) I very quickly realised that it wasn't even close to the cup for me and ended up buying the medium LuvUrBody cup and I've had great success with it so far! No leakage and no problems getting it in or out. But! I have noticed that it is giving me some cramps after it's been in a few hours and I believe this is being caused by it suctioning to my cervix, as when I try to take it out by pushing in the side of the cup by the rim, it's pushing against something and won't fold in.

My question is, am I not letting enough air into the cup once it's in? Or do I need to enlarge the air holes? Or maybe there is another fix to this that I haven't came across yet!
Any help would be great as I am really loving the cup I have and, if I get this solved, then I think it would be absolutely perfect!
Tags: cramps, luv ur body, mooncup (uk)
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