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chin cube

Super Jennie size

Hi all!
I have been using cups for more than a year. My first cup was a small lunette, it was very good, but during the heaviest day it can last only 2-2.5 hours. At the same time it would only amount to the second measuring line, so about 2/3. So I think I have dangly cervix, but at the same time my cup tends to ride quite hide and I always have to bear down to remove.
Due to my work I would need a higher capacity cup. I tried a large Meluna, no special feeling on the size, but it feels quite some pressure so maybe it is too firm for me?

So recently I have been looking at Super Jennie, I have seen people comparing to the small one with small Lunette or large Meluna. However, I'd be interested in the large size for the capacity, I hace seen people who had same experience with smaller cups with no problem woth the large SJ. But then some said it's really huge. I don't know the small SJ would buy me more time, as I'll be going on trip of a month to very poor rural country with merely dry latrine, so it'd really ease my mind if I can have at least 4 hours for change.

So is there anyone out here having similar situation, and any suggestions?
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