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Menorrhagia, clots

Hi Everyone!

I stopped using my DC because I had several years of really heavy periods and enormous blood clots. I would have to empty my cup after 2 hours so I just switched back to ultra tampons and doubled up with diaper-like maxi pads. I recently got the clotting and heavy flow under control so want to try my DC again, only I know I have an allergy to silicon grips. The kind that keep knees highs from falling down or cycling sleeves staying up. After wearing those my skin swells then develops a light scar. I've read that the silicon(e) in commercial products is of lower quality so I hope the DC will be fine to resume using.

Now onto my experience with finally lessening my heavy periods, though it may still be too soon to say it's for sure. Next week I will see my gyno so I will ask her several questions and update. To help myself out I changed my diet to semi paleo; less sugar more healthy fats and fiber. Plus because I had become severely anemic, I started taking 1TBS of chlorophyll a day mixed with a teaspoon of maca and raw green powder. Since I've added the maca powder my periods have been lighter with less clots and 3-4 days as opposed to 5-8 days. Took ten weeks.

I know people here have shared having trouble with heavy bleeding and wonder if anyone else has tried maca powder with similar results?

Im just happy to be able to use my cup again or to try a new one, Keeper. Happy to be on the way back to health without anemia and happy to have energy. I also apologize inadvance for not having documentation especially about the maca and only anecdotal evidence for the efficacy of chlorophyll. The last bout I had with anemia was in 2011, I didnt tell my GP that I was taking chlorophyll and she was amazed at how quickly my hemoglobin numbers normalized. After I told her she said to keep doing what I doing.
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