haleyfolds (haleyfolds) wrote in menstrual_cups,

MeLuna will not pop open.

Hello all! I have just recently bought a MeLuna Classic Medium and have been using it on a dry run for a couple weeks. Throughout the whole process, I have yet to get the cup to pop open. I have read through all the different tips and tricks and liked to think I tried almost all of them, but the cup just will not open up for me. I have tried the origami fold, the 7 fold, and the punch down fold as these are the ones I can get in with the most ease, but none of them seem to open once they are inside of me. My cervix is super high, I can not reach it unless I am squatting down. This causes a problem when I try to turn or push the lid of the cup up manually because most times I can not feel the top of the cup or reach two fingers in far enough to rotate the cup. I am at a loss to what to do. I really want to master popping the cup open so that I can use it when my menstrual cycle comes, which should be in a week. Does anyone have any other suggestions???
Tags: insertion - folding methods, meluna, popping open

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