devaughn_wifey (devaughn_wifey) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Leaking during the first few days, works good otherwise

Hi just have a quick question...

Bought a Lena L 2 months ago and it works good, the last 3 days.  But it's as though during the first 3-days my vag becomes so loose and/or slippery that there is like, no "wall friction" to hold the seal or something?  During the first 3-days it shifts all over the place, even to the point that it literally flipped upside down one time when I was chasing my 2 and 1/2-year old.  I knew something was "off", so I went to remove it, try to figure out what was going on... and realized I was feeling the lip of the cup instead of the base.

I thought I was just having insertion problems the first day, till it flipped upside down... then I started really wondering if I was "weird" or something.  I figured "This has a huge learning curve right? Cut yourself some slack" so I changed positions for insertion, fold methods, tried going way deep till I felt like I was gonna lose a hand (ha ha), mid-way deep, way shallow (base of cup & tab hanging out side)... but it always ends up tipping sidewise, dumping the contents (because it works for awhile (10-minutes or so) till it goes side wise)...

I'm just wondering if this is normal?? Am I just dealing with residual slobber?  Possibly missing my cervix or partially missing it and there's just so much flow it's allowing things to slip?

I had read through the size charts and other information that kuradi8 has posted a couple times now.  I know that there are larger cup widths, and softer too... am not sure if I should be going bigger, or softer or give it another month or two or doing something different or what??  I like the Lena for the last couple days but its the first ones that are challenging...

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