marar105 (marar105) wrote in menstrual_cups,

leakage issues during my period, but no leaking with a "water test"

Hi all,

I have tried a variety of cups (Mooncup S, MeLuna sport XL, Lena cup S & L, LUB M), but all leak during my period! I am sure I can get a seal, although they do move up in my vagina.

This weekend, while not on my period, I did a small test. I basically took a bath and put the cups in while I was lying in the bath. This way quite some water would be captured by the cups, and I could test whether they were leaking when not on my period. I was amazed to see that all cups (except for the Meluna, which I had sold) performed a great seal. I decided to wear the Lena small for a couple of hours. It sat very low in my vagina, but did not move up at all during those hrs! Also, I experienced no leaks at all! When I removed the cup, it was filled with water to about 2/3rds.

My question is: why do my cups leak, and why do they move up? During my heavy days all cups leak within 5 minutes, and leak badly. It might be my cervix is filling the cup during my period, but I have tried huge cups (I am slim and the MeLuna XL was really too big for me). Or do the cups move past my cervix? My cervix is usually located to the side of my vaginal wall, could this be the issue? And if so, how can I make the cups work?

I was really amazed that none of my cups leaked when I tried them with water this way. I wonder if anyone else has tried the same, and if you have any ideas on how I can stop my cups from leaking during my period.


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