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The Quest for a Goldilocks ...

Hello everyone!

New member here, although I've been a lurker for quite a while.

I'm on a quest, as I've said, for my Goldlilocks cup. My first cup was a Lunette Model 1, and while it was a good cup to start with, I found it slightly painful to fold and remove. It also caused my pee stream to be severely weakened, to the point where I had to remove my cup if I wanted to pee properly (which was inconvenient in a public toilet). I then went on to get a Si-Belle Small, in the hopes of lessening my urinary incontinence and have a generally more comfortable time with inserting/removing. I must say the Si-Belle was a big jump in comfort, and I would have called it my Goldlilocks if not for its stem.

I have a low cervix, so I had to cut off both stems for the Lunette and the Si-Belle in order not to feel any discomfort. The Lunette was fine as it has amazing grip rings, but I had to leave the Si-Belle one with its last rung/grip on in order to remove it. It's still manageable, but it's there and I can occasionally feel it shifting around when I cross my legs etc. Do any of you lovely people know of a cup that is as soft as the Si-Belle, with its bell shape and less prominent rim, and yet has the amazing grip rings of a Lunette? That would probably be the perfect cup for me ...

Tags: lunette, si-bell, urination
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