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Is it the cup or is it me?

Hi I'm new to this so I'm sorry if this is repetitive.

I'm looking for a new menstrual cup I have the Divacup but it won't fit I've tried the virgins guide to cups, all the different folds, using lube,etc. but none of it is working. I can't even get it in but when I sort of do it feels really... thick/hard and uncomfortable (almost painful) is it possible for a menstrual cup to be too hard? I have a high cervix but I'm very narrow. I'm leaning towards the Lilycup, Lilycup compact or the Lunette but I don't really know what I'm looking for I'd just like some help, I'll even take tips about the Divacup I just hate pads and never want to use tampons.

Again I'm really sorry if this is repetitive and you've seen it too many times I just need help.

Thank you.
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