chambiee (chambiee) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I'm a new mooncup user

Hi, I'm a 21 years old and I just got my first cup. I got a Mooncup because a friend suggested it so bad, she was so happy I couldn't wait to be that much happy.
Anyways, as always, I had a little trouble putting the cup in and removing it, just because I was being a little naive and I thought it wouldn't hurt at all.
So after I panicked a bit and re-calm myself, I started to feel worried about the fold. I use a tulip fold because I'm very tight at the opening, and the U fold just hurts too bad. The fact is that I insert it very slowly to avoid the pain, but doing so I can't hear it "pop". I read somewhere that one should twist the cup to ensure it's really open, but I can't reach enough to twist the cup without hurting. So the "pop" is really necessary? If I don't hear it, does it mean my cup is closed? I'm keeping a pad on just in case, but I would like to know if you have tips about making sure that the cup is open.

Thank you in advance,
Laura :)
Tags: first time use, insertion, insertion - folding methods, insertion - painful or problems, mooncup (uk), seal & suction

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