jennisez (jennisez) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Goldilocks cup!

After about a year of trying out several cups, I think I have found my Goldilocks.


And it is ...

(Drum roll)

The large Super Jennie.

The cup and I have the same name, but we are not related.  ;-)

I have been using the Super Jennie exclusively for three cycles and it is my go-to cup now. (Background: I'm 38, high cervix/no kids.)

When I started out, I tried a couple of small-sized soft cups. They were fine for light days, but they didn't seem to hold up on heavier days. Then I tried some large-sized cups, some soft, some firmer. After some trial-and-error, I discovered that I seem to do better with larger, wider cups. And I had a couple of cups that I liked for different reasons, but I hadn't found that one perfect cup.

I have a large classic Yuuki, which is super-firm, and I love it for exercising and for heavier days. But on lighter days and overnight, I would usually switch to something softer, and I wish now that I had bought a large soft Yuuki, too. I have a large Sckoon cup and I like it okay, but it is really soft and a bit fiddly to open. Plus, it is a shorter cup and with my high cervix it would sometimes ride up quite high, making removal challenging, especially since the stem on the Sckoon really isn't very useful. But I did okay with it for a while, although I prefer the Yuuki for exercising. So I was switching between at least two cups at various points.

Then I heard some good things about the Super Jennie and decided to give it a try. I worried, though, that the softness might make the cup difficult to open. I haven't had any problems getting it to open, though. The cup is pretty squishy, but it seems slightly firmer around the rim, which probably helps it to pop open. And I have found that once I let go of the cup and it starts to open, it helps to wiggle the bottom of the cup slightly to encourage it to pop all the way open. Another cool thing is that, in my experience, this cup immediately settles itself where it needs to be. Once it's in, I just run my finger along the rim to make sure that the cup is open and that everything feels right, and I'm good to go.

And the best part is no leaks so far! The Super Jennie holds up fabulously through spin class, 6-mile runs, kickboxing, yoga, and weight training. No slippage, no leaking. No leaks overnight, either.

The Super Jennie is the first cup I’ve tried that combines all of the features of my favorite cups. It pops open easily like a firm cup, but it is soft enough to wear comfortably anytime. No more needing different cups for different situations. This is very nice because now when I travel I can take only one cup with me instead of two. It is easy to insert, easy to remove, holds up exceptionally well during physical activity, and it doesn’t leak. I couldn’t ask for more.

I ordered a couple of spares so that I always have one around. I hope that I will be set for a while now!
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