Noelle (vanderbiltgirl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Serious Medical Complications from Long Cup Use Time

Fair warning this is a gross/embarrassing/complicated story that I'm mainly posting for awareness. I've been a long time cup user with an IUD. Roughly a week ago I must have put in my cup and forgot about it. I was cleaning my apartment when I started have sharp intense abdominal pain. I thought I had expelled my IUD. I went to the bathroom to check, were, horrified, I found my cup (that had been residing up there for a week). I honestly never thought I could possibly forgot one up there (but I work 50 hours a week and go to college full time soooooo.) Anyway, after dealing with that disgusting mess I started having worse abdominal pain and a yellow discharge. With no resolution of symptoms, I decided to go the ER. It was determined that I have serious bacterial infections (both anaerobic and aerobic) and fungal infections throughout my uterus and vaginal tract. They gave me morphine for pain. I see posts all the time about people who leave their cups in for 24-36 hours, and while this may be fine for some people, my doctor said that anything longer than 24 hours may cause infections like this. I was really close to developing TSS (because old blood/discharge is breeding ground for bacteria even though the silicone isn't) and the cup essentially back washes this over your cervix/upper vagina. I'm on 3 different kinds of antibiotics, an antifungal, and received IV antibiotics at the ER. I have to follow up with my gyno to make sure I haven't developed PID. I know these things get touted as being super safe and virtually TSS risk free, but this just isn't the case. Be careful ya'll.

*Note: I'm graduating in May with a BS in Medical Biotechnology and Chemistry to attend a PhD program in Infectious disease. I'm very conservative with medical treatment and quite good at reading lab reports and my own results. I don't think my doctors over-reacted or made any poor decisions.
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