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complications when I thought I got it right.

Alright, hello!

I'm totally new to the community because I have no idea how to use livejournal but I have been going onto this specific community for a while now, just looking at things and checking them out. During the summer months, I bought a divacup because I watched like...every episode of precious stars pads and wanted to try the cup out for myself. Long story short, I bought it and was too scared to use it.

Fast forward to December where I was relaxed enough and had some time and put it in. It was an easy process, I'd say...I don't know what I was scared of! I got it in, I got it open, and then I went about my day watching Christmas movies. The only problem?? The rim of the cup was pressing against my bladder. After some googling, I decided I wanted a softer cup, which I purchased. It was sent to me within a week or two, and voila.

The cup? Naturalmamma. Believe me, it's a nice shrek green (a personal choice, seeing as I'd been watching shrek so often lol). It's softer than my divacup and I was excited about using it. Couldn't even wait until I got my period. I've NEVER been excited to get it, but when I got it this morning (at work btw) it was like Christmas morning.

Things were going good. I went to the bathroom at work with my cup and prepped it, then slid it in and all was going well ....until it wouldn't go all the way in and caused a pain. I was like 'oh strange' and just took it out again and tried again. I spent ten minutes doing so, but since I share an office with several other people somebody was going to notice I was missing if I stayed any longer, so I left.

When I got home I decided to get a mirror and see what's going on! I prepped the cup again and slid it in then...again, a bit of pain when it got higher up. Then a thought struck me: "maybe my cervix is really low this month" which is strange because i've never had a low cervix. It's so high that I can't touch it with my middle finger. So I took it back out and felt for my cervix and I couldn't feel it anywhere, as usual, so that was weird.

So I tried again, slower this time. It didn't cause any pain until I let go of the cup to slide it further up. Then I realized that the fold (bump?) from the punch-down fold isn't going into my vagina. The base is larger than the divacup! I didn't even take note of that when I was purchasing the cup and looking at comparisms.

Anyways, I was wondering if anybody else had this problem and if they managed to fix it without prodding around down there for too long. I'm not completely alarmed at the moment because I don't go to sleep for a few hours - but when I do sleep with my period, I'd like to be wearing a cup because the traditional pad and sleeping on your side so you don't leak (i always leak if I don't sleep on my side) kills my hips. If I can't find anything, I'll wear my divacup but it really pushes on my bladder and while it hasn't happened, I'm afraid I might wake up after wetting the bed someday.
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