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Small SckoonCup length incorrect on Sckoon's own Website!

Hi All, I thought I'd make a post about something I've known for a few years that has been seriously bugging me:

The Sckoon website says that the small SckoonCup is 40mm (4cm) in length.
But it isn't!
The small SckoonCup is actually 47mm in length!

I've emailed the company a number of times over the last 3 years to let them know and encourage them to remeasure. They never reply, and it seems they don't give a sh*t! Really!? How bad is it that the measurements they give of the cup is wrong on their own website! I just can't believe any company would be so unprofessional!

Here are some photos of my small SckoonCup, next to my small LadyCup and small MeLuna:
(I admit, I am not great at drawing straight lines on bathroom tile, haha, so my measurements may be off by a couple of mm here and there. But that's still better than SckoonCup's mis-measurement of nearly a full cm)

Taken from the Sckoon Website:

They have the length wrong in inches too! It's actually 1.8 inches!

When the Sckoon first came out, I was soooo exited to see a cup that was so short (Shout out to the low cervix team!), yet had the same capacity as slightly larger cups! I thought: YAY, what is this magic?!
But I was suspicious. I contacted FeminieWear who took some comparison photos for me (before I owned the cup myself) and sure enough, Sckoon had the measurements wrong. She was suprised, and said she'd contact Sckoon to let them know. I too have contacted them man times. 3 years on, Sckoon still haven't rectified this, and still don't seem to give a sh*t. I think this is really unprofessional, those few milimeters can and do make a difference for us low cervix people (for example, I can't fit a medium meluna, but a small meluna is fine!)

On the positive side, it's good to know that Kuradi8 has the sckoon size correct on her amazing size chart:

Anyone else noticed this?
Anyone want to email the company and let them know?
Anyone have a large Sckoon they want to measure to see if that one is wrong too?

Tags: brand comparisons, customer service, diagrams & pictures, news, sckoon, sckooncup, sizes/size issues

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