nicamame (nicamame) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Stem = No Leakage... No Stem = 2nd Leakage Today...

So before buying the Mentrual cups I watched every youtube vid i would find and read most articles i could think of... So now im on my 2nd full day... The stem was uncomfortable my firt night and the next day... I ended up pushing it to my right side since the left felt extra sensitive... Now this morning i decided to try and cut the stem off of one of the cups... Initially i was scared bc i dodnt know how i was going to pull it out... But i tried the push method and it seemed fine... At that point i realized that the cup was still folded... Earlier i tried my best to feel around and poke at the cup to get it opened... I thought it was until it leaked... So i rinsed and re inserted... Kept messing with it and thought maybe this time i am ok... Still having leakage... At this point i am just going to put one with the stem back in and be happy... Hopefully keeping it to the right will help... Oh... I feel like the stem helps open it better since im able to tug at it a few times and that seems to have helped... Even then i didnt really know if it was truly opened all the way...

So i thought i posted this but didnt lol... So i ended up going to the mall with my friend and yup... More leakage... Good thing the bathroom had a sink... I got home and showered and put my other cup in with the stem... Im going to test my theory out... I got really annoyed for a moment...

Any suggestions???

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