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"Dangly" cervix affects capacity of the cup

Hi everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank this community for all the help and support! After half a year of research and lurking on this site I decided to give menstrual cups a try. I recently bought a Lunette model 1, it is now my second cycle with it and I love using it instead of disposable pads (bleh)!

I am 17, a virgin with no previous experience with internal menstrual products. I have a high cervix on normal days (approx. 7-8cm) that drops to like 4cm during menstruation (quite a difference, I guess). After some issues with leaking on my first cycle, I learned how to position it so that my cervix hangs into the cup. I now have absolutely no problems with any leaking or spotting (when my cup is not full yet)! However, my problem now is that, because my cervix hangs so low into the cup (I think the term is "dangly cervix"), the most blood the cup can hold is only around 13.5ml (top line), as opposed to 25ml which apparently is the capacity of the smaller Lunette. It's really frustrating, because on my heaviest days I fill it up within like 4 hours. (Kind of TMI): I don't think that I have such a heavy flow, the problem is that my flow is not constant (I'm not sure if that is normal), rather there are periods of time in between little bleeding when there is a huge volume of blood released. Unaware of it, I fill up the cup, my seal breaks and BOOM! huge leakage occurs. As a result I already had two horrific experiences where I had to change the cup a public toilet in school. I found the whole thing slightly unhygienic and potentially very embarrassing.

I would like to ask for any suggestions on how to avoid the "low capacity due to dangly cervix" problem. I would love to not have to change my cup in public places on heavier days and keep it in for those 12 hours (seems kind of impossible) since I have a busy schedule during the week. I leave at 6am and return home at round 6 pm. I am debating whether to consider getting a different cup... but besides the small capacity I love my Lunette because it fits in very comfortably. It is just the perfect length (I cut off most of the stem), the base always sits next to the opening so I never have to search for it. I also have no problems at all with insertion or removal, the cup is the perfect resistance - I can get it to open up and fold in with no pain or struggle at all.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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