sophibug (sophibug) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Early user problems

Hello! This is my second full period using a Lunette 1. I used it for the tail end of a period before that. It's amazing! It is so much easier than pads and doesn't creep me out like tampons (not to mention my flow is so light that I would probably have trouble with tampons anyway). I've gotten insertion and removal down to one minute processes.

A few problems/questions:

When the cup is in, it feels like there's pressure against my vagina that makes it hurt. Not like cramps, but further down. Has anyone else experienced this? How to fix it?

I'm thinking of cutting off just like one or two segments of the stem because I need some stem to hold but it's long enough it's rubbing and sticking out. Thoughts?

Overall, it's wonderful and amazing. Thanks to the general population of this LJ for the advice!

Tags: cramps, first time use, lunette, stem length/trimming, teething troubles
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