svenna_live (svenna_live) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First LadyCup, now what?

Hello Commmunity,

I'm a first user (from Germany) and as it seems, I didn't search long enough for the perfect mc for me.
After a bit of research I ordered the LadyCup in size S. On a first dry run I immediately liked it, although the long stem bothered me, so I cut it nearly completely off.
Now on my period, I had no problems getting the LadyCup in, but realized that the firm rim is really uncomfortable when removing the cup. The cup also slid really far in a few times, but I got it out after pressing it downwards with my vaginal muscles. It's, like others have already said, very slippery as well...
Now I found you! Yay! Can you reccomend me another cup? My cervix seems quite high, I can't reach it when on my period. I like that the LadyCup opens so easily, but I think I need a softer cup because my vagina actually feels sore form removing the cup a few times over the day.
I'm thinking about a MeLuna Size M? But what firmness would you recomeend?

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