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First of all, yes I know I posted quite recently but after a few days, other posts bring my older one down ( does that make sense? ) and no one else replies so anyways, I hope y'all don't mind! Anyways, from my last post, someone suggested sea sponge tampons and the Meluna shorty ( which both seem great for my very low cervix which is about a fingernail length in or 1cm, don't ask xD ) but they both seem to have to have very low capacity in order for them to fit. The Meluna could probably only last at most a couple hours on my heaviest day ( which sucks ) and sea sponge tampons would probably have to be trimmed really small ( am I right about that or is there some trick? ). Anyways, I was wondering if I could still use sea sponge tampons without having a small size and a teeny capacity like the Meluna Shorty ( I'm planning to buy the small or medium ). I know for one thing that my cervix is really this low ( read my other post pour favor ) so please don't suggest otherwise. And one more thing, I live in Canada so I have no idea which stores I can get a sea sponge tampon ( any particular art store? ) since when I check online, all I get are US websites ( with what I need but can't get ) and the Canadian websites that claim to have no sponges. I have no idea what and where to buy these sponges so if anyone could lend a hand, that would be greatly appreciated. Also, someone in my last post suggested I couldn't use any internal menstrual protection, is that true? I think that wraps up my questions and concerns for now. Thanks! I hope this will help anyone else in my place too.
awesome_12345 on March 11th, 2016 11:52 pm (UTC)
Lol it was my mom who tried tampons but I think she has a very low cervix too so the tampon obviously won't fit. Well, you have the same lone of thought as me! I was thinking about a diva cup too. Thank you for helping me out! I'm not sure if a sea sponge will even fit unless I trim it down to a really tiny bit. What do you think? Anyways, back to the diva cup topic ( yes I jump around a lot in regards to different topics xD ), I can actually buy one from a store 15 minutes away ( walking ) so that's a huge thumbs up xD! Thanks for your helpful reply! Btw, this goes to bklynmom ( idk why it won't go under the post I'm trying reply to xD ).

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mossmorton on March 14th, 2016 05:06 pm (UTC)
The Diva cup is one of the longest cups out there, and rather firm- sounds like this would not work for you at all. Maybe those knock off silicone Meluna shorty (linked above) could fit. Is your cervix dangly? Can you feel very far past your cervix, or is the back of your vagina right there with it? If you don't have much vaginal depth, a cup might not fit in there at all.
As soon as the sponges get fully wet, they become very soft, flexible, and squishable. I think you would have an easier time with trying a sponge than a cup, as the cup holds it shape and your vagina has to stretch and conform around it.

If you try for sponges, get ones with a really fine texture and fine pores often referred to as 'silk' variety, versus the 'honeycomb' or 'wool' kinds that have larger pores, are more rough in texture, and are often used as bath/bathing sponges. Do a google image search for 'sea sponge silk' and compare those pictures to 'sea sponge honeycomb'/wool'. The color is not that important; sponges are usually a tan/brown color but are often processed or bleached to make them yellow or pale tan.

Before you use them, wash them really well with a mild unscented and natural soap, rinse very very well, and squeeze or shake the remaining water out. The sponges do have a life span and will wear out, so I don't like to wring or squeeze them, but I make a claw hand around the sponge and whip my arm/hand down into a sink or the tub to really fling all the water out.

If there is a health food store near you, they may carry (or be able to order for you) cosmetic sea sponges that are usually the silk variety and would be small, maybe 1-1.5 inches long. These might be a good way to start off.
You can message me if you have any other questions! Good Luck

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awesome_12345 on March 18th, 2016 12:56 am (UTC)
Ah. Thanks so much for all the info on the sea sponges! I think I'll try to find one in an art store since I don't really have any nearby health food stores. I'm just concerned about how large some sponges are and if they can fit but reading your comment, they might need a bit trimming and boom, wet -> squishy = FITS! Anyways, I know the diva will not fit but I want to know which diameter I need ( eg. Less than 40mm ). I can fit my longest finger all they way in ( around my cervix ). Thanks again for the helpful reply!