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Folds and goldilocks!

Hi, everyone! I'm a completely new poster here and so excited to finally join the community! I've been lingering around for a year or two and I've learned so much from all your posts! A little background on me: I'm 19 (almost 20) years old, in college, and I think I've found my "goldilocks" cup! I first started with the small Lady cup, then realized that it was A) too stiff for my liking, B) had too low of a capacity for me, and C) it appeared that all the space was being taken up by my cervix (probably the reason for B, lol).

So I tried the femmycycle next and loved the concept of it, but ...and this is going to sound weird...after my first few times of using it, I realized that my cervix was swollen/had something like marks around it (you know when something presses on your skin for a long period of time and you end up with marks/impressions of it afterwords? That's kinda what it felt like to me). It also felt a little I figured that maybe the small opening of the cup's lid was maybe too tight around my cervix and decided it wasn't for me. (Out of curiosity, has anyone else experienced this?) Fast forward a few months later and after more research I finally settled on the large 'Luv Ur Body' cup--and I'm souped! Apart from a leak or two during my first cycle with it in, it seems to be perfect! I'm still learning what my limitations are in terms of when to empty it, but that will come in time.
Now for my one question: (I know i know I'm sorry, it took me long enough to get here haha) I also happen to be totally blind (I use a screen reader to access computers/smart phones ETC--it reads all text that's inputted and outputted on the screen). After all my research I've only gotten a hang of the C fold and the punch down folds down. All the other folds are usually explained with the use of pictures-hence my problem. ;) I was wondering if anybody would be willing to comment below and describe different folding methods? The punch down fold works, but usually it takes two or three tries before my cup decides to open. Any help would be appreciated--thanks so much in advance!
Tags: femmycycle, insertion - folding methods, lady cup, luv ur body, success stories

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