margalee (margalee) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Easing cramps with menstrual cups--and then going the extra mile

I had a noticeable reduction in the severity of menstrual cramps after switching from tampons to menstrual cups. I remember having absolutely paralyzing cramps (on the floor, unable to walk) that would diminish when I took the tampon out. I even found, oddly enough, that menstrual cups eased my cramps more than just using a pad (my working theory is that is holds the vaginal walls away from a sensitive cervix, but who really knows?).

Age 26 now, and I STILL suffer from cramps. They're not debilitating, and nothing ibuprofen or a hot water bottle can't handle, but they are uncomfortable. I heard recently that increasing dietary vitamin D might reduce the severity in cramps? Has anyone tried this? Looking at vitamin D-3 supplements now, and wondering if they might do the trick.

*Just wanted to add that I noticed different cups have had different effects on cramping. Softer cups + wider rim = fewer cramps. Classic Yuuki and small Sckoon (VERY narrow rim) were both crampy cups for me. Just a useful tidbit for menstrual cup users who are still sorting out cramping issues!

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