citrinesunset (citrinesunset) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cuplee vs. Si-Bell

Hello everyone!

I'm very tempted to get a new cup soon, and would like to go with something softer than what I currently have (A Diva and a Lunette). My current cups work pretty well for me, but I'm really curious about trying something softer to see how I like it. I've been interested in the Si-Bell for a while, but my only reservation is that the stem seems kind of stretchy and I wonder how it is for removal. Meanwhile, the Cuplee is a little tempting because of the colors (I'm a sucker for pretty colors. It's how I ended up with my Lunette).

I have a somewhat high cervix, but I haven't had any trouble using the Lunette, so I figure a cup similar in length will be okay (though it would help to have a decent stem and to be able to pull the cup down a little bit before removing).

Thoughts? Would you recommend one over the other?
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decision, cup lee, si-bell

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