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Second cup purchase - a few questions.

Hey, all! I really like this group in LiveJournal--it's been helping me ever since I started to look into purchasing a menstrual cup. Two months ago, I purchased a Lena small and this is my second cycle with it. The first one didn't really happen as I only tried it on the last two days (negligible flow) because before that I was ill and didn't feel like dealing with the learning curve. This time around, I put it in on the very first day. Here's what's happening:

- Only twice have I been able to put it in without restricting my urine flow.
- It tends to give me rather annoying suction cramps and they don't always go away when I mess with the cup. Turning the cup inside out does not help, or so it seems.
- My cervix apparently descends drastically (3.5-3.8 cm) on the third and fourth days, making it impossible for me to use it comfortably -- I'd already noticed that in the last cycle, but hoped it was a fluke (I bought the cup after measuring cervix height on 1st day -- 5.2 cm).
So, my questions are:

1- Could the fact that I cannot seem to keep the cup in without it restricting my urine flow mean that I need a softer cup? When it's in right, I do not feel it so I know it's properly inserted. I also take care to keep the folded side pointed down when I'm inserting it so that the fold doesn't open towards the bladder and urethra. Supposedly a softer cup would help with the urine flow restriction, but I'm a bit narrow + tense, so not sure if a softer cup is a very good idea.

2- After two cycles with the cervix going down like that, it's a bit obvious that if I want to be a full time cup user during my periods (my goal!),then I'll need a shorter cup for those days.
I'm stuck between the MeLuna Shorty (M as S would be way too small, I think) and the Femmycycle for low cervix. Flow tends to be lighter from 3rd day on, so I'm leaning towards the MeLuna. Would MeLuna Shorty classic be slightly softer than the lena small? Or are they pretty much the same re. squishiness? Is there a big difference?

3- Does anyone have any recommendations re. the meluna x femmycycle debate?
Thanks a lot!
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