dandylillies (dandylillies) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Does medical grade silicone smell like plastic? How do you know if a cup is safe?

I recently bought an iriscup, because it's almost identical size to my previous cup (rainbow) and seemed to be soft and have large airholes. It's also clear which i think is safer. As soon as i took it out of the box i noticed a plasticy/chemical smell. I boiled it and washed it and it faded but still has a smell. This worries me, it's supposed to be medical grade silicone that is platinum cured (instead of peroxide).

So...should i be worried? Is it possible for medical silicone to have a smell and be safe? I'm worried there are phthalates, bpa, or other chemicals that are unsafe. How do you know if cups are really safe and made of what the manufacturers claim? I've tried flame testing on my previous rainbow and icare, but that doesn't tell me if there are additives. I haven't flame tested this one. My rainbow had a faint plastic smell that never went, and when i forgot it in the boiling pot it turned into a pile of white ash...it did cause very slight irritation for me. i'm not sure what to make of that.

Any idea about safety in general, or specific to the Iris cup? It otherwise seems like a well made cup. Thanks :)
Tags: buying decision, health risks, iriscup
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