nacharm (nacharm) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hopeless and Helpless

I just got my Sckoon Cup recently after doing research and hearing great things about menstrual cups. I tried inserting it for the first time today and had serious struggles and pain. I am an 18 year old virgin and it just feels like there is no hope for fitting it in. I have the small cup and i basically have tried the supposed smallest folds like the pushdown fold and have had no luck. The C fold is no way no how going to EVER fit and so i keep trying the pushdown fold. I can get the entry point in but as soon as i get to the end where the triangle part sticks up it feels like its stretching too much and I'm scared to keep going. On two separate occasions today i sat down and tried so many times to get it inserted with no luck. I moved positions, switched angles of insertion, and everything i could think of . the one time i almost got it in i couldn't hold it folded anymore and and it popped open and suctioned w half of it hanging out, not having ever been stretched to fit anything but a tampon i have never been in that much pain and u couldn't get it unsuctioned to stop it. I am laying here 40 minutes later and my vagina kills. i am scared to try again but it would be awesome if i could get it to work, i was so excited. Does anyone have any suggestions for me either folding, or in general anything i can do to reach success???

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