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Everything hurts and I just want this to be over.

Hi everyone *waves*

So I've spent my entire Sunday researching cup-related topics, been intimately acquianted with the scientific anatomy of my lady parts and felt more than slightly inadquate watching Bree's confident youtube videos. I'm trying my lunette out on it's first ever day today and I wish things were going more to plan. I chose the luntte because it was quite narrow compared to some of the others; I'm 25 and very rarely does anything larger than a tampon go anywhere near me.

Like some others advised, I'd done a "dry run" earlier in the month. The c-fold went brilliantly, did a few squats and rounds of the house to test wearability, had a briefmoment of panic and pain getting the cup out, but then managed to break the seal okay. So this morning I was feeling rather excited about my period for the first time in fifteen years! But as Real Day 1 steadily wore on, I've become more and more upset about the whole thing.

I managed to insert comfortably about 6ish this morning, couldn't hear the telltale "swish" but I didn't really know what I was listening for, so just put a towel down on my bed just in case and went back to sleep okay until 9ish. I kept checking every hour between breakfast and lunch, and was amazed about no leakages! It was beginning to feel like I wasn't on my period at all. But then I wanted to check that I really wasn't overflowing, so took the cup out about lunchtime. It took several tries but I managed it fine and quickly got over the whole murder-scene situation. But then I couldn't get it back in. I tried so many different folds and positions, I ended up in tears by the time I gave up. Never has such a tiny tampon felt so horrid and scratchy!

I tried again in the shower this evening, and managed to get the cup in, but it hurt so much once it was in, I definitely did not get it in the right place. I wondered if it would shift a bit, but no luck. I took it out (I've definitely got the hang of that now thanks to Bree) and had another go. This time I opted for the punch fold and it went in first try with no pain, it popped out just like she said it would, and I heard the swish. I aimed it backwards a bit, not up, and put it in so the little stem just peeks outside. But ten minutes later I had the feeling I constantly needed a wee, so thought that the rim was pushing on my bladder. I took it out again and changed the angle a bit, and pulled it a bit lower this time. But now I can only lie down, not sit or stand comfortably and I have this pressure like someone's pushing on my lower tummy. So I've definitely not got it right.

I think it's got to the point that my lady parts are just so sore and achey that anything would hurt now. I'm feeling kind of sick by the time I've finished writing this, so my beautiful cup is going to have to come out for the night. I don't know anyone in my friendship group or family that use a cup, so sorry for the TMI - I don't have anyone else to talk to! Has anyone got any experience of the same issues, or advice that might help me for tomorrow morning? :(
Tags: insertion, insertion - painful or problems, lunette, removal - painful or problems, teething troubles

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