tjstjstjs (tjstjstjs) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Sports and firm cups

Hello all,
Just wanted to share an experience with you.

I tried a Meluna soft, and a meluna sport, both for swimming/diving and sports. And guess what, the *softer* cup was better!

I feel like with the firmer cup, when I would move, or my pelvic muscles would tense, the cup would stay the same shape even though by bdy moved, and therefore allow air and water in, and it wouldn't create a seal. With the softer cup, it's as if it creates a strong suction, and no mater what position I move in to, because it moves with me, the edges of the cup stay flush with my vaginal walls, and therefore no water or air gets in, no blood gets out.

It's a total pain to pop open because it's so soft, I wouldn't want to deal with that on a daily basis, so i'll only ever wear it for diving. but it seems to work a treat :)
That being said, I better head over to mc_sales to pass on the Meluna Sport that was used for one dive only! HERE

Any body else found the softer cups were better for sports than the firmer sports cups?

Tags: seal & suction, sports/physical activities
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