xoxmeggizexox (xoxmeggizexox) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Removal of Cup?

So my last period I decided I was going to bite the bullet and order my first cup! Today I decided I should have a bit of a 'practice' before my period comes. I inserted the cup and that was pretty easy for me, I don't think it opened properly at first but I easily pulled it out and tried again and it seemed to open fine. Removal was also pretty easy until around my 4th try it just went SO FAR UP! I couldn't get 2 fingers in to pinch the bottom let alone 1 finger to the rim. I don't know if it popped open properly as I don't think the stem was quite directly at the base (could've just made that up in my mind during my freak out but). I'm using the smaller model - I'm 21, still a virgin so obviously never given birth. I was freaked! I was bearing down with all my might and finally got a good enough grip on the stem and worked my way up to pinch the bottom and pull it out but it hurt like hell!
What are some good strategies/methods to make removal easier? I eventually got it out sitting on the toilet (which is how I got it the first few tries) but was squatting like heck before that - that seemed to make it go higher. I was always most comfortable inserting and removing tampons on the toilet could never do that in any other position and have never used a tampon applicator before (been using tampons since I was 12).
I'm so freak by it now - don't know if I want to try again let alone when I get my period!
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