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06 February 2016 @ 11:22 am

Hello All,

There are a few posts about MCs and IUDs but I was wondering if anyone has experience when you combine those two with a low cervix?

I'm hoping to get a copper IUD (paragard / copper T) next month, and i'm a bit worried about how an IUD will go with having a low cervix.

Not only can I feel the tip of my cervix, but I can swirl my finger right around the base of it too. I can't use any cup longer than a small ladycup (without it sticking out below my pelvic muscles), and my cervix sits right inside the cup, with the top of the cup sitting near the base of my cervix.

I've known a few women who've pulled out their IUD accidentally when removing their MC. I wonder if this will be even more likely when having a low cervix. I imagine the IUD string would be right where I'm gripping the cup.

I'm not really sure what my questions is. Just wondering if any others have had experience of this combo (MC, IUD and low cervix). Of course, I'll talk this over with my obgyn next week too.

Any shared experiences welcome :)