hotpinkbeacon (hotpinkbeacon) wrote in menstrual_cups,

achy cervix

Hey! When I use my large fleurcup I usually notice small aches and pains that I think is coming from my cervix. I felt around yesterday and noticed that my cervix is really open, like instead of a small indent there's a slit of a considerable length. After that I was super achy and was too afraid to put the cup back in. I have a feeling my cervix might be the same width of my cup or something, and combined with sensitivity it creates pain. Do you have any suggestions for dealing with and resolving this pain, should I get a wider and softer cup? Or are cups just not for me? Please help, I am really disappointed.

Oh I just remembered , I don't think I had the same problems with my small meluna (initially I did but then it was really comfortable and great) but my cervix wasn't that much open then.
Tags: cervix position, cramps, fleurcup, pads - disposable, sizes/size issues
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