amandakay0429 (amandakay0429) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Wanting to try a menstrual cup

I remember when the Diva Cup came out with all of the commercials and was thinking there was no way in hell that I would use a menstrual cup. Of course then I was just finally using tampons after years of just pads. But looking at the research of cups, watching YouTube reviews, and coming on this community I've decided I want to try one.

The Lunette interests me the most, especially Model 2 but I am open. My cervix sits about at my second knuckle on my middle finger during my period which is about 2in. I do have heavy days where I wear 4-5 tampons and maybe an overnight pad. That lasts about 2-3 days. It gets lighter from there. Also I am 25 and not a virgin although it has been about a year if that even matters.

If you have any recommendations that would be great.
Tags: lunette, sizes/size issues

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