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Seal breaking on my MeLuna?

Hi! I'm new to menstrual cups and I'm so glad that there are online communities like these to help me out. I made an LJ account specifically to join this community and hopefully get some advice on menstrual cups.

I am using a MeLuna soft small, and I've been using it for the past five days. During the first two days, I had absolutely no problems with it (it was like there was no learning curve at all), but by the third day it started leaking. It's never full when I remove it, though--I'm on birth control and my periods are very, very light.

I am sure it forms a seal because I feel it pop open and I twist it around and stuff, but it still leaks. Thing is, before it starts to leak, I feel something like an air bubble (actually it's more like a queef of sorts). A few minutes after that popping feeling, I would get spots on my underwear. I've been wearing a liner as backup for now.

TL;DR: is it possible for the seal of my cup to break inside of me, causing leaks? Could this be a size issue? A placement issue? A cervix issue??? Am I queefing my cup out of place?????

More about me: I'm 25, sexually active, never had a kid. 166 cm and 53 kg so I'm on the smaller side, but I'm also terribly unfit. I got a soft MeLuna because my urologist said I have a hyperactive bladder and a stiff cup may cause me to pee even more. I also have a retroverted uterus and I have no idea if that affects anything. Cervix is pretty much regular height, doesn't sit low or go up too high--I can feel it well but my entire middle finger has to be in.

Editing to add: it's definitely the slobbery residue type of leaking, looks more like mild spotting more than anything. Wait, I'm not too sure if it really is slobbery residue. There's no blood at all when I wipe before reinserting the cup, but spotting happens (after the weird queef feeling).
Tags: cervix position, first time use, insertion, leakage & spotting, meluna, meluna - soft, tilted uterus
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