veb1693 (veb1693) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Super high cervix and leaking


22, never had kids, quite a high cervix, like mid cycle I cant even reach it so its over 3" high, when I am actually bleeding it drops down some but its still the full length of my longest finger up there.

I have had my meluna classic size medium for about 9 months now and have used it off and on. I love love love the fact that I can just insert it and forget about it for a while but from day one I have always had a problem with it leaking, not much, but then again I dont have a heavy flow, but its still enough to be annoying.
Im wondering if either its not firm enough, it always comes out squished in an oval, although I have soaked it in ice water before inserting it and that didnt help at all.
or if Im just still not getting it up and around my cervix. I always stick my finger up there and try and go all the way around and make sure its open, and that its on my cervix but it NEVER FAILS.

Thinking I either need a firmer cup or a longer cup or I dont really know, which is why Im asking you lovely ladies.

Please help
Tags: leakage & spotting, meluna, sizes/size issues

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