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Bad 1st Time Experience - Recs for Long, Thin Cup?

Hello community! I specifically read through the sizing/size tag, as well as the FemmyCycle tag and didn't see my exact question asked yet, so I wanted to create an account and reach out for help.

I read good things and liked the design of the FemmyCycle, so I bought it as my first cup. I liked that I wouldn't have to worry about it opening properly, as this part of using a cup sounds tricky.

This cup does NOT work for me. It is made from a very thick, rigid silicone that is HUGE in any of the folds (c-fold ended up being most successful for me) and was quite painful to insert. Furthermore, once it was in, it rode higher and higher for the few minutes I left it in, to the point that it became VERY hard to locate, let alone put my finger through, the ring tab used to pull it out. I tried inserting it twice, and both times got a bit panicked that I wouldn't be able to take it out. I am not sure where my cervix sits, but since I'm not tall and it does sometimes get hit during intercourse, I never thought that it sits high. However, I do admit that I also dislike applicator-less tampons because they are so short to me.

I am now looking for a long cup that could accommodate a high cervix. However, I don't want it to be large in width or have thick material, as I don't want it to be as painful to insert as this one is. Does such a thing exist? I am 25 and have never had kids. Any help is appreciated.
Tags: buying decision, buying decisions, femmycycle, first time use, sizes/size issues
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