glioncourt (glioncourt) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New Fleurcup (?)

I posted recently asking for suggestions.... this is my 3rd cup! I ended up buying the large Fleurcup (I was a bit disappointed they were only selling it clear, no colours, but ok).

I was only expecting it to arrive next week... but it got here today! Yay!!! Suddenly I'm anxious to get my period to try it! I already sterilized it... I'm so excited! Excited about my period? This never happened before I started using cups! LOL

One thing I did not expect was for this cup to be super firm.... All reviews I read had it on the softer side of the scale... did they change the firmness after getting rid of the colours!? It is firmer than my InCiclo, I tested them side by side.

I also noticed it has nothing written on the cup itself, my other two cups do (InCiclo has the brand and size, Meluna has the size and "soft" written on the rim).... please tell me I didn't get ripped off and that my cup is an actual authentic Fleurcup! I bought it from a local retailer, but they look legit and professional.
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